Go FAIR with your organisation.

The FAIR Tool Manager embodies a collection of FAIR tools that you and your colleagues can use to easily implement FAIR-data collaborations. This single application covers the entire FAIR-Data collaboration lifecyle.

The FAIR Tool Manager is a single application for the whole FAIR-Data Community to work together!

To deliver FAIR tools to organisations looking to go FAIR

The FAIR Tool Manager wants to help organisations to make their data available through FAIR metadata. This way an organisation can easily enter shared data collaborations. We are constantly trying to innovate in order to create better tools to help entire industries go FAIR!

Important! The FAIR Tool Manager is a management app that helps create RDF files, executing FAIR-evaluations and keeping overview of a FAIR-Data Community. The FAIR Tool Manager is never part of the critical data flow of an organisation.
  • Data stays at the source
  • No new data systems
  • Safe data sharing
  • No big investments needed
Data plan

Create a data plan to communicate important quality requirements and considerations with regards to the data that will be shared.


Easily create metadata in RDF format to share and combine data. Metadata describes data at the source, also called the top layer approach.


Evaluate the metadata and data with the FAIR-evaluator that is partly customized for the domain you operate in. Convenient for large collaborations.


Become part of the group page of your FAIR-Data Community. All metadata of your group members, including the FAIR-scores, are visualized there. Handy!

Request Go FAIR certificates for your data endpoints

The Go Fair Foundation certificate systems are integrated with this application. This way you are able to automatically request independent FAIR certificates from the Go Fair Foundation!

These FAIR certificates will prove that the data you provide is FAIR (top layer approach) and community compliant.
  • Independent FAIR evaluation
  • Easy to request and obtain

Is your organisation ready to share data through FAIR metadata?

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