GO FAIR with your organisation.

Use the FAIR Tool Manager (FTM) in order for your organisation to GO FAIR. The FTM embodies a collection of FAIR tools that you and your colleagues can use to reach FAIR objectives!

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Set up a FAIR Tool Manager for your organisation in order to start your FAIR journey!

Define tools

Mix & Match the FAIR tools your FTM needs in order to reach your organisations objectives.

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Your colleagues will be able to use your organisations FAIR Tool Manager right away. Get FAIR done!

We deliver FAIR tools for organisations looking to GO FAIR

Our mission is to help organisations making their data FAIR. We are constantly trying to innovate in order to create better tools to help your organisation GO FAIR!

  • Easy Setup
  • Fast Loading
  • Affordable Price
  • Great Experience

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Without a worry! Everything will be taken care of, the only thing you have to do is GO FAIR.

1) FAIR Setup
  • Environment & URL
  • Logo of organisation
  • Colors of organisation
2) FAIR Tool Manager
  • User Management
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Hosting & Backups
3) FAIR Tools
  • Mix & Match
  • Pay as you go
  • Monitoring Tools

Lets take your next FAIR step.

Are you interested in getting a FAIR Tool Manager for your organisation? Get in touch and we will set everything up. Together, we will select the tools your organisation requires and before you know it, your organisation will be ready to GO FAIR!


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